Environmental Statement

Active Tree Managment’s Environmental Statement in the North West

It is Active Tree’s policy to ensure minimal environmental impact on all sites.


We are committed to managing our business in an environmentally-responsible and ethical way, re-using or recycling resources where possible,

General Site & Machinery Management

The use of petrol/diesel machines is kept to an absolute minimum wherever possible.


All vehicles and machines will be serviced at regular intervals to ensure minimal pollution output.


The burning of timber or brash arising is strictly forbidden on any of our sites and will not be considered as a way of disposal unless for the purpose of sanitization of disease or pest eradication.


No timber or brash work debris from our operations will be land filled.


Wherever possible, timber generated from woodland management, will be left safely in situ as windrow or stacked creating habitat areas, encouraging biological diversity above & below ground.


Timber below 150mm/ 4” will be recycled and reused to encourage the growth of newly planted trees or to promote root zone improvement to existing trees in the form of mulch acting as slow release nutrient base.

Wildlife, Habitat & Plant Health

Legislation protects species of flora (e.g. lichens) and fauna, including bats and birds.


Active Tree will adhere to and work within the following Habitat Regulations;
Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981
Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2010
Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000

Environmental and Seasonal Factors

Wherever feasible, pruning will be avoided at times when the disease- and decay-resistance of the tree is likely to be impaired by physiological stress induced by previous tree work, construction damage, or seasonal or weather-related factors, e.g. during or soon after a drought or when starch reserves have been depleted by spring flushing and flowering.

Avoiding Transmission of Pests and Pathogens

Extreme caution will be exercised to prevent the introduction of pests and pathogens into the UK on tools and equipment that have been previously used abroad. Measures will be taken to avoid transmission of pests and pathogens from tree to tree and from site to site.

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