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Tree Inspection & Surveys

We can provide the following Tree Inspections and Surveys.


Tree Risk Assessment


By law, landowners have a duty to 'take reasonable care' of trees. The tree owner should regularly inspect all trees within their ownership and be aware of whether a tree is likely to cause damage to persons or property.


We can compile a detailed individual inspection and provide recommendations for tree management. Regular inspection of your tree assets will ensure their long-term health and vitality and allow us to detect potential hazards, risks, pests or disease before becoming an all too often dangerous and costly experience.

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Tree Hazard Evaluation

Our method of “Tree Hazard Evaluation” offers a proactive approach to tree maintenance.


A level of acceptable risk is ascertained with the client before the assessment is carried out and recommendations for remedial work are outlined in a tree survey schedule.


As currently practiced, tree evaluation involves examining a tree for structural defects, associating those defects with a known pattern of failure and rating the degree of risk.


Tree hazard assessment involves three components:

  • a tree with the potential to fail,

  • an environment that may contribute to that failure, and

  • a person or object that would be injured or damaged (i.e. the target).



By definition; “a hazard situation requires the presence of both a defective tree and a target. Unless a target is present, a tree cannot be hazardous. As a result assessing hazard is not limited to evaluating failure potential. Hazard evaluation must consider the potential presence of a target”.

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