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Tree Care Professionals


Active Tree Management offers a professional tree contracting service primarily to domestic & corporate clients such as private householders, housing associations, hospitals, colleges and schools. Our carefully selected tree care professionals are able to deal with all of types of tree work, from small scale tree surgery to more specialist services, including veteran tree management


Holistic Tree Maintenance

Tree Planting & Maintenance

Fruit Tree Management

Tree Pruning & Felling

Stump grinding

Root Zone Improvement, Fertilization and Soil Management


We focus on delivering a professional and high quality service with excellent and responsive customer care. All Arborists at Active Tree Management are National Proficiency Test Council (NPTC) Certificated.

Active Tree Management carries £5 million Public/Products Liability Insurance, specific to tree surgery works.


We are insured by “Clear” through their Arborplan Insurance cover Tel: 01483 274792


All Tree Work undertaken is carried out in accordance with current British Standard;

BS 3998 “Tree Work –Recommendations”

Active Tree Plans (ATP)


Tree surgery enquiries are all too often made by tree owners when sudden tree failure has occurred usually involving damage or injury and where litigation may be involved and these unpredictable reactionary tree works are considered expensive by the client.


ATPs are primarily designed with the multiple tree owners in mind whether it be (schools, housing associations, corporate or commercial property owners) and are intended to help land owners to fulfil their duty of care by actively managing their trees and shrubs within a client controlled tree work budget that incorporates regular inspections.

Property Insurers may not cover unmanaged or neglected trees, which cause injury or damage.

Simply having an ATP in place could dramatically lower insurance premiums.


TPO & Conservation Areas


Numerous trees throughout the UK benefit from statutory protection and rigorous penalties can be imposed for damage or unauthorised works. Our vast depth of experience within this complex area enables us to compile detailed specifications for tree work applications that comply with British Standard (BS 3998). We can also make representation to LPAs to support objections to the making of inappropriate TPOs or to represent tree owners in their TPO appeals.

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Tree Planting & Maintenance


Active Tree has over 33 years experience in tree planting & establishment, ranging from planting of a single tree in a garden to the design and planting of new woodlands. We would be delighted to assist with all areas of tree planting schemes from the choice of species, site assessment & requirements through to establishment & maintenance programs to achieve the ultimate goal of survival.


Environmental Statement


It is Active Tree Management’s policy to ensure minimal environmental impact on all sites.


We are committed to managing our business in an environmentally-responsible and ethical way, re-using or recycling resources whenever and wherever possible.