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Trees & Development

All trees are considered “material” in terms of the planning process and Local Planning Authorities (LPAs) must consider them when determining planning applications.


Our years of experience working on behalf of developers and directly for local authorities, enable us to understand the requirements of both.


We are regularly contracted to provide;


Tree Survey and Plan –A detailed schedule and illustrative representation of the survey allowing the developer to easily identify the tree constraints so as to guide the development design process whilst protecting the areas of the site set aside for trees and amenity.


Tree Protection Plan (TPP) – illustrative representation showing the location of protective fencing in relation to trees indicated for retention.


Arboricultural Implications Assessment (AIA) – a report often required by LPA’s detailing the possible impacts that may arise from a particular proposal and how these will be mitigated.


An arboricultural Method Statement (AMS) – where arboricultural Implications may arise, the AMS provides guidance as to how they are compensated for or offer engineering solutions.


All of the above must be undertaken by a qualified arboriculturist.


All of the above products are compliant to BS 5837: Trees in Relation to Design, Demolition, and Construction – Recommendations (2012).


If you have trees on your site, we can provide a formal impact appraisal report that will comply with the 1APP requirements. Where trees are present but unlikely to be a significant issue, we have the capacity to do a desktop study that will fulfil the 1APP requirements for less expense than a full report.


Project Management


LPA’s can often condition the retention of an Arboriculturist for the duration of the development. We can provide specific site management at strategic points throughout the development to ensure protection, future health and retention of tree stocks - the vital goal


Pre-Planning & Design Consultation


We can arrange Site visit to discuss with informal advice on constraints and development potential.

This is a popular option because, through a visit and discussion, we can provide a preliminary estimate of the development potential without the expense of unproductive design work or land surveys.

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